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New to teaching? Get career advice and answers. With 1-on-1 and group advising, we’ve got flexible options to fit your life.

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A future New York teacher sits at her laptop talking with a TeachNY career coach.

Why talk to a career coach?

An aspiring New York teacher talks with a career coach over video chat.

Get advice and info, based on where you’re starting and where you want to be. Talk to a coach 1-on-1 or join a group advising session, so you can take the next step in your journey with confidence.

TeachNY coaches are experienced local educators! Here's what you'll get from free career coaching:

  • Insider info about what teaching is really like
  • Answers to your questions about teaching—questions like:
    • How do I know if teaching is right for me?
    • How do I get certified to teach? 
    • How do I choose a teaching program?
  • Easy online scheduling

Plus, when you sign up with a coach, you’ll get access to every TeachNY product and service—all completely free.

Group Advising

Not sure if a 1-on-1 call is right for you? Group info sessions are also a great way to learn about becoming a teacher.

A New York education expert leads an info session witha group of aspiring teachers.


Sessions are held monthly and cover topics like:

  • Steps to a teaching certificate and how to choose your subject area
  • How to choose a teaching pathway and program
  • How to get career and financial support from TeachNY

Every group call includes a Q&A session! Bring any questions that are top-of-mind for you. You can always schedule a 1-on-1 call if you think of more questions later.

To join a group session: Click the “Sign Up” button to open the group advising Eventbrite page. There, you can click “Select a date” and choose the session that works best with your schedule. 

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1-on-1 Coaching

Our coaches get to know *you.* With a 1-on-1 call, you’ll get custom advice for your situation.

Meet the Coaches

Scroll down to view calendars and read bios for all New York coaches. Choose a coach and your preferred date, then click to sign up!* Don't see a calendar? Try logging out and refreshing your page, or email for assistance.

Coaching is available to anyone brand-new to teaching — without a teaching credential or experience as a lead teacher in any state — who is living in the U.S., or is a U.S. citizen living abroad. If you’re not eligible for coaching, you can learn more about becoming a NY teacher with the TeachNY Certification Guide or from the New York State Education Department.

  • Photo of Amy smiling at the camera.

    I have been a biology and chemistry teacher in a large suburban high school in Central NY for the past 20 years. I am a lifelong learner, a host for lots of classroom observers and student teachers, a coffee enthusiast and a keeper of classroom reptiles. I believe that teachers have the power to change students' lives!

  • Photo of Cleyvis smiling at the camera.

    My name is Cleyvis Rodriguez. I have been teaching for the New York City Department of Education for 18 years. I have taught grades 2-5. I'm a teacher leader who works collaboratively with teachers and administration. I am also a New Teacher Mentor for the New York Department of Education. My mission is to inspire and motivate our future teachers.

  • Photo of Marguerite smiling at the camera.

    Marguerite Dimgba has served as Director of Professional Learning at the Greece Central School District since 2001, following roles as Director of World Languages at the Rochester City School District and as an assistant principal and French teacher at the Hilton Central School District. She co-authored 'Teacher Portfolios for the Annual Professional Performance Review' and is recognized for her expertise in publications such as The Learning Professional and Frontline Education case studies. Marguerite's leadership extends to roles with the Genesee Valley Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development, Learning Forward Academy and the New York State Teacher Center Leadership Team.

  • Photo of Jenna smiling at the camera.

    Hello everyone! I'm Jenna Fiacco, a high school business teacher. I became a teacher in a very nontraditional way. I was hired three days before school started one year without being certified. I truly understand what it means to feel unsure of where to begin teaching but I am passionate about helping others who may have felt lost like me. Join me to discuss potential teaching questions!

  • Photo of Elizabeth smiling at the camera.

    Elizabeth is a certified Literacy Specialist and currently serves her school district as a teacher on special assignment "Lead Instructional Coach". She is an Cognitive Coaching agency trainer and an experienced new teacher mentor. Elizabeth's pathway to teaching began after high school when she completed both undergraduate and graduate work at Geneseo State University, then obtained a teaching position in a middle school setting.

Photo of Amy smiling at the camera.

I have been a biology and chemistry teacher in a large suburban high school in Central NY for the past 20 years. I am a lifelong learner, a host for lots of classroom observers and student teachers, a coffee enthusiast and a keeper of classroom reptiles. I believe that teachers have the power to change students' lives!


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