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What kind of help do I need?

Find the support you need along your teaching journey. With our LiveChat, 1-on-1 and group coaching options, we make it easier to get started. The best part? It’s all free!

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Get help with:

LiveChat to get answers fast

A future NY teacher at an open laptop. She is typing a text conversation with a TeachNY TEACH Navigator.

Want help finding resources on our website? Looking for a specific tool—like certification guides, financial aid or application help?

Talk with a TEACH Navigator through LiveChat. Let us know what you’re trying to find and we can point you in the right direction.

Use LiveChat for:

  • Help finding info and tools on our website.
  • Troubleshooting support.
  • Questions about TeachNY.

Click the Live Chat button in the lower right-hand corner of your screen to get started!

Group coaching for general questions about becoming a teacher

A group of young future teachers gathered together at a laptop.

Looking for an overview of how to become a teacher? Start with a group info session. Learn from experienced current educators in our monthly coaching sessions.

Use group coaching to learn: 

  • Steps to get your teaching certificate
  • How to choose a subject area and the right certification pathway 
  • How to choose a teaching program
  • How TeachNY can help with career and financial support

Click the button to sign up! Choose a date and select the session that works best for you. 

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1-on-1 coaching for personalized advice

A future New York teacher sits with an older educator, chatting over coffee and getting advice.

Have questions about your specific situationor if you just prefer a personal touch—sign up for 1-on-1 coaching! You can talk to an experienced educator via video chat, phone or email—all free!

With 1-on-1 coaching, you can ask about things like:

  • How to find the right pathway to teaching
  • How to choose a teaching subject
  • What to know about certification tests

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